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Cleanfeed - Marc Bakos

Cleanfeed is a browser based solution for remote recording. Their focus is the highest quality audio with the lowest latency. I speak with cofounder, Marc Bakos.

What separates Cleanfeed from competitors?

We're the only service that does super high-quality audio live with very low latency so you can hear exactly how someone is sounding while recording.

You now offer 48k, why do the other companies not offer it?

I have no idea. It's the industry standard for broadcast. There's an explanation of the benefits of 48 kHz audio on our blog.

I ask about the name cleanfeed

Cleanfeed is otherwise known as a mix/minus, you used to have to set it up on your mixer. It's more of a british term but it accuratley represents us... clean audio and clean interface.

I point out that cleanfeed gives you control whether you record in stereo/mono and that it lets you access those controls for your guest.

This is one of the great benefits of having the audio come into you live. It also includes control over levels. Cleanfeed pro includes a clips feature which gives you the ability to play any audio file you want ie intro/outro/fx so you and your guest can hear it.

Seems like it might work in a phone browser as well. Is that possible? 

Yes it works on android and ios devices. So if you have a guest and all they have is a phone you can still record with them.

(I tested it after and it does work)

The main other 2 platforms (squadcast and zencastr) both have video communication with recording currently in beta. Any plans to add video?

Our background and expertise is in the audio industry. So our main concern is the highest quality audio. Video is something we have had requests for and are constantly considering.

The best thing about high quality audio and low latency live is it really allows you to connect with someone without actually seeing them. When people experience they realize it's as if we're in the same room. And we think the conversation is even better because you can do all sorts of weird hand movements and make funny mouth gestures and no one will know.

(I make a hilarious joke about not wanting video because I need a haircut and receive a courtesy chuckle)

Where do you see podcasting headed over the next few years?

Podcasting is really interesting. We're seeing an explosion of ideas and original content. I'm a big supporter of audio as an asset. Money doesn't matter, original content is the asset of the future. I think we'll see more and more people creating podcasts whether it's a business trying to ghet more exposure for their products or just a person who wants to tell their story. Podcasting is a great medium to be heard or just to explore a subject. I think it's fantastic what you're doing with your podcast and website, to get more people interested in creating them and the technical aspects as well. I come from a very professional audio background and I'm all for giving insights into how these things are made and what makes them sound better. I think podcasting has a very interesting future and I've seen advertising rates for some podcasts and I'd say it's looking very healthy.

Do you have any advice for podcasters looking to grow their audience?

Make sure you have good audio. I know that sounds cheapish but I truly mean it. When you hear someone over the phone that can be quite fatiguing and probably irritating because your ears have to tune to it. With high quality audio that experience becomes a lot less fatiguing. The more you can engage with a listener the more they'll listen and share with friends.

I comment about how if your audio quality isn't good people may not listen long enough to realize you have great content.

If you've spent all this time making great content, if you don't record it well you're letting yourself down. Give yourself the best chance to succeed. Even if you aren't confident on how to edit it in the beginning you will still have that high quality audio for future use when you have more experience.

Do you have a free tier where people can test it out?

Yes and more. We're the only service that has a free tier where you can connect to more than 4 people. There's no time limit and you can record. You can do pretty much everything with the free plan. Our pro subscription gives you access to more tools. right now you're recording in multitrack. That's a really useful feature the more you get into podcasting and specific editing requirements. That's a pro option as well as our clips feature. Also some additional audio options. When you need them, they're there for you on cleanfeed pro.

We always say to everyone, get started on the free tier, and see how you like it. If you only need the pro version for a month, sign up for a month and when you finish your production you can lower that subscription and pick it up at another point. We try to be as flexible as possible for all types of uses on the platform.

Do you have any type of recording limits on the pro version?

No, we're slightly different. We don't upload any audio to the cloud. The audio is already on your computer so the moment you hit save it's on your hard drive. The beauty of our system is you can hit save at any point during the recording you can save it. Like if you wanted to check up on something and you could keep the recording going at the same time so it's always accessible.

What is Cleanfeed as a company focused on right now?

We're focused on scaling and performance but we're also continuing with features because that's the backbone of the product.

Is there any upcoming features that you can talk about?

Probably not that I can talk about right now but I would say keep a close eye on our website and our blog because that's where we announce. There is some cool stuff coming in the next few months. If there's something that's not here right now that you wish was make sure you keep in touch because we have some good stuff coming your way.