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Build your Podcast interviews the founders of some of the top podcasting companies. You’ll discover tools for podcasting and hear inside information from industry experts. Make better podcasts and build a bigger audience with Build your Podcast.

build your podcast

Dan Clayton is an acoustics consultant and host of the podcast Noise Busters, which discusses acoustics, noise and vibration. Recording environment is so important for podcasting and Dan is an expert. Check out his youtube channel. Music by Sebastian Phillips.

build your podcast

Interview with the cofounder of Headliner, Oliver Wellington. Headliner is a web tool for creating video content from audio. Commonly used by podcasters to create videos clips from episodes for increased social media engagement. You can use headliner for free at Music by Sebastian Phillips.

darknet diaries jack rhysider interview

Jack Rhysider started Darknet Diaries with no podcast experience and grew it to 3 million downloads a month. Jack explains exactly what he did to build Darknet Diaries. Music by Pocket Grooves

build your podcast joni deutsch charlotte podcast festival npr

Joni Deutsch is the podcast lead at WFAE, Charlotte's NPR news source. She also hosts a Charlotte music podcast called "Amplifier." Joni is running the Charlotte Podcast Festival. It's a month long virtual festival starting October 5th. It's completely free and will host 40 panels on a range of topics for podcasters. You can sign up for access at

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Interview with James Cridland, founder and managing editor of Podnews, which is a top source of podcasting news. James has worked in radio since 1989 and been on the forefront of on demand audio. Music by Sebastian Phillips.

build your podcast cleanfeed marc bakos

Cleanfeed is a browser based solution for remote recording. Their focus is the highest quality audio with the lowest latency. I speak with cofounder, Marc Bakos.

audio engineer jim the boss

Interview with audio engineer and studio owner Jim the Boss. He's been engineering audio for 20 years. I use this opportunity to ask some technical questions related to podcasting.

rogue amoeba paul kafasis podcast

Interview with the CEO of Rogue Amoeba, Paul Kafasis. Rogue Amoeba makes audio applications for Mac computers. Applications like Audio Hijack, Loopback, SoundSource and Farrago which are incredibly useful for podcasting.

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Interview with Zach and Rock, co-founders of Squadcast is a a premiere service for remote podcast interviews. You can get a free 7 day trial on their website. Music by Sebastian Phillips.

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Interview with Justin Jackson, co-founder of Justin had great insight into growing and monetizing your podcast. Transistor is my hosting platform of choice. This episode is sponsored by CrossCaster, a marketplace where you can promote and monetize your podcast.

build your podcast cover art 350

In this show we'll interview the founders of podcasting companies like transistor, squadcast, podnews, rogue amoeba and cleanfeed. We'll find out how they got started, what they offer compared to their competitors and their advice for growing your podcast.