Audio Interface

Audio Interface
Really low noise level for an affordable audio interface. Comes with a free channel strip plugin. I use this one personally.
motu-m2 audio interface
Usb-c audio interface with built in loopback for recording and mixing computer output. It has 120db of dynamic range and lcd meters.
This audio interface from Zoom contains everything a podcaster could ever need and it's $200 cheaper than the Rodecaster Pro.
Portable recorder with 4 XLR inputs and stereo mic. Works as an audio interface or record to SD card. Built-in preamps and LCD screen
iRig Pre HD portable preamp
Portable XLR preamp for mobile recording straight to your apple mobile device, mac or pc. Uses batteries for phantom power.
rodecaster pro grid
USB interface with integrated mixer, sound effects player, phone tap for taking phone calls, recorder, and more, all in one box.
focusrite scarlett 2i2 grid
2 inputs for simultaneous recording and playback of up to two channels with independently controllable headphone and monitor outputs.