Podcasting Glossary

Reference the podcast industry terminology

Reduce the signal of sound waves. When a compressor reduces the gain at a set...


Cost Per Milli which means cost per 1,000 downloads. If your CPM is $20 then...
Advertisement spot placed within the episode.
Attenuates audio above a set frequency
Ads that stream after an episode finishes
Setting up your recording space to reduce reverb
Attenuate audio that registers below a threshold
Ads that stream before an episode begins
All your tracks combined into one audio file


Type of compressed audio file used to submit your episode
Boosts the gain and reduces the louder parts
Ad that can be adjusted without changing the file
Ambient sound your mic picks up when you're not speaking
2 audio tracks. One for the left and right channel.
Single audio track that plays the same in every speaker
Attenuates audio lower than a set frequency
Cuts off audio at a specified level
Distortion that happens when audio is too loud.
Hardware that combines audio sources and controls their levels.
When each speaker records their own audio so you have separate tracks.
Fabric placed between the mouth and the mic that helps stop plosives and sibilance.
A hissing sound when the speaker uses words with the letter “s” or “c” If...
A puff of air that hits the mic from p or b letters. This can...
When Guest A’s mic picks up Guest B’s voice
When both speakers are talking at that same time. Can lead to issues with mic...
Um, Uh, like. Words used when the speaker is thinking of the next thing to...
Hardware that connects recording devices to your computer
A microphone in which the sound waves cause a variation in capacitance, the vibrating diaphragm...
A microphone in which the sound waves cause a movable wire or coil to vibrate...
The software used to record and edit on your computer. Examples: Adobe Audition Audacity Logic...
The process of adjusting the balance between frequency components within an electronic signal

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