How to Pitch a Network

Learn what you need to know and do in order to pitch your podcast to a major network and how to contact them
pitch your podcast to a network


Here is the most effective way to get a podcast on a network. The major benefits of being on a network are the instant access to listeners and sponsors. They’ll get listeners by marketing and cross-promotions on their other shows. 

The network will handle ad sales, however your cut of the revenue will depend on the network and how you negotiate your contract. If you can grow your show without a network, it will probably be more difficult but it may be more lucrative.


In order to pitch a network you’ll need to put together 3 things.


The pilot episode needs to be the best episode you can possibly produce. Create it like it’s for someone with a terrible attention span. It should be simple, move quickly, and have no errors.

Write the script. Revise it, then revise it again. Spend the time finding the best music you can.

Get critical feedback from as many people as you possibly can. Seek out people who have some experience if possible.

You have unlimited time to make the pilot and you should use as much as necessary until it simply can’t get better.

Keep in mind that most people you send this to, won’t listen to it by itself, which is why you’ll create a promo.


This promo is different from a trailer. A trailer is pre-launch content that informs the listener what the show is about and why they should listen.

The promo does not need to tell someone what the show is about because you can write in the email, “the show is about (blank).

The promo should be very short and consist of the most interesting piece of your pilot episode. Content will dictate how long it should be but I would make it no longer than 2 minutes. Preferably more like 30 seconds.

Assume you have no more than 2 sentences to hook someones attention.

Pitch Deck

The pitch deck is the details about the show. They probably won’t look at this until they’re already interested. Regardless of the order it still needs to be very good.

This should be the last thing you do because you’ll have the best idea of what to put here after crafting the pilot.

Here’s what to include in it:

  • Cover Art
  • Title
  • Tagline
  • Summary
  • Host (name and bio)
  • Episode Format
  • Potential Sponsors
  • 10 Episodes (Title and summary)


It should be simple and aesthetically pleasing. Purchase a nice template or hire a graphic designer. It should be in PDF format.

Reach Out

If you’ve done all these things then you’ve crafted an excellent product and are ready to reach out. Now you need to find the correct person to send the materials to. You want to find the person who is in charge of content development although it doesn’t hurt to send it to multiple people. 

The best way to find these people is through linkedin. Pay for a month of the premium service so you can message them directly. You can also use a site like to find their email address. I did this and put together a contact list from a few of the top podcast networks.

Podcast Network Contacts

[email protected]
[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Nerdist (couldn’t get his email, this is his website)

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