Podcast Pitch Deck Template

Here's a free pitch deck template I made in photoshop for your podcast. It has all the info needed to pitch your show.
podcasting pitch deck host bio

Have a great idea for a podcast?

Well if you want potential collaborators, networks, or companies to take it seriously then you need a pitch deck. It’s a multiple page pdf proposal that explains your show in a simple and appealing way.

It’s also good idea to include an audio sample. It could be as much as a 2 minute trailer or as little as a 30 second promo. In most cases a full episode is too much to send on an initial pitch. It should be a quick hook.

Keep in mind who you are pitching to. If you don’t know then just make the best deck you can. However it’s very possible that your deck will be approved by someone who speaks the language of dollars. If that’s the case then you want to include as much info as possible.

Here’s a one sheet you can use to fill out more detailed information. 

This deck has 5 pages. 

  1. Title
  2. Summary
  3. Host Bio
  4. Details
  5. Episodes
podcast pitch deck template
Podcast Pitch deck summary
podcasting pitch deck host bio
podcasting pitch deck details
podcast pitch deck episodes

(Here is a dropbox link to download the zip file)

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