Podcast SEO

Now that Google includes podcast episodes in their search engine results page. SEO for podcasts is relevant for growth.
podcast seo

The Benefits of SEO for Podcasting

Now that Google includes relevant podcast episodes in their search engine results page. SEO for podcasting has become very relevant for audience growth.

So you can actually craft your content to target what people want. This is also useful for coming up with episode ideas. It’s also useful for driving traffic to your website.

Keyword Research

How do you determine what information people are searching for? By using a tool for keyword research. These can be fairly costly but nearly all of them offer free trials. You can do all of the keyword research to get started during the trial period. If you start seeing results then a paid membership is totally worth it. Here’s a couple tools that offer free trials.

  • Moz – They offer a full 30 day free trial. This is what I use
  • UberSuggest – Free 7 day trial. I’ve also used this one.

Other options that I’ve seen recommended but have no experience with are…

Using these tools you can search for terms related to your podcast and see what terms people are searching, how many people per month, and how competitive the term is to rank for.


A website isn’t necessary to have your podcast show up in google search results but it is important for a a lot of reasons. Text is very easy for google to index. You can have each episode transcribed and posted to your website.

Not only will google index your podcast, it will index your transcription as well. Each episode should have its own post with the title, description, audio and transcription.


That keyword or phrase that you’re targeting with your episode should be included in the episode title, description, post title and and several times throughout the page. You don’t want to artificially stuff the post with the keyword but for proper podcast seo it should be in there a few times when it makes sense. See what I did there?


Everything that you do on your website is called on-site optimization because it’s happening on your site. There’s also things you want to do not on your website. This is called off-site seo. Another term you’ll hear is backlinks. A backlink is when another site has a link to your site.

Here I’ll add a link to Podnews. I just gave them a backlink. Authority from my site flows to their site. It tells google that their site is relevant to mine. This should only be used if the sites are related. You should also understand domain authority or DA. DA is how powerful a site is. Podnews is a very high authority site. So a link from them to your site means more than 100 links from your cousins crappy blog.

Using Moz’s chrome extension I can see their authority and how many backlinks they have.

Podnews will actually link to you if you’re one of their supporters. This is probably the smartest way you can spend money if you’re doing podcast seo. Also Podnews is awesome and we want to support them. Win win.

Competitor Analysis

This may not be very relevant for what you’re doing but I’ll briefly mention it. Instead of starting completely from scratch and figuring everything out on your own you can analyze a competitor to see what their top posts/keywords are, and what links they have.

Then you would try to get as many of the powerful backlinks that they have while also getting your own.

Another tactic is called the skyscraper technique. Basically you find a keyword you want to rank for, google it, analyze the number one result then make a post that is 10x better. 10x better is sometimes unrealistic especially if the post is thorough and well written. I just try to make it somewhat better.

Social Media

There’s no secret to social media. Get on a few of the platforms, post consistently and be engaged. Follow everyone relevant that you possible can. Often times they’ll follow you back.


Having guests on your show and guesting on other shows is obviously a good thing. Especially if your guest has a lot of followers on social media. I’d make a list of the most impactful guests you could have with the largest social reach and invite them on the show.

Not guests like Keanu Reeves but guests like Justin Jackson, one of the founders of transistor.fm. Not only does he have 25k twitter followers, the information he will provide to your audience is valuable.

Make a list and reach out to all of them. You’ll be surprised how many will say yes. Just make it very easy for them to do it and make them sound good. Once you publish the episode ask them to share it.


Search Engine Optimization for Podcasting is not a shortcut for a quick spike that fades away. It’s hard and it takes time to see results. But the traffic you receive will be relevant and it will last.

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