Take your podcast to the next level with clean, crisp, captivating sound.

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izotope rx 8
RX is a standalone plugin and VST to work in your DAW that repairs and cleans up audio. It really is an excellent piece of software.
youlean loudness meter
A plugin for measuring loudness of your podcast. This is something most new podcasters ignore.
waves vocal rider automation
Adjusts your vocal levels automatically, saving you the need to draw each level change in your DAW or manually ride faders.
Gulfoss is a dynamic, intelligent equalizer that can be used to tame harsh frequencies and boost ones for the best listening experience.
Based on the design of a compander chip designed for telephone lines and used in many electronic devices to reduce the noise.
fresh air
Fresh Air lets you add just the right amount of brilliance & shine to your mix in simple interface you can start using right away.