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Chartable provides podcast analytics so publishers can track growth, and brands can track ROI.

The way it works is by podcasters redirecting their rss feed through chartable so they can measure your downloads.

Chartable aggregates charts from Apple, Spotify, and Stitcher, across every genre and every country.

Podcast analytics aren’t currently very good because podcast players like apple podcast don’t release public data. Also your hosting platform may have limited metrics setup or it’s behind a paywall. Chartable is a free/inexpensive way to access that data.


Stay on top of your chart ranks & reviews
Track podcast charts and all your podcast reviews from Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher, across over 150 countries where available.
Make sense of all your data
Connect your Apple Podcasts analytics, hosting platform, Spotify for Podcasters, and more to track relationships between your marketing and advertising efforts.
Discover your best-performing content
Use consumption analytics from Apple Podcasts and Spotify to guide editorial decisions on future guests or topics.
Email reports
Reports you can actually use. Get ranks across all stores and countries, recent reviews, and more delivered to your inbox daily or weekly.
Realtime alerts
Don't miss a beat—you'll find out as soon as something interesting happens with your podcasts

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