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Libsyn has been around since 2004 and has approximately 5% of the market. Their pricing structure is based on how many megabytes you can upload.



User Agent Stats
Know what platform is delivering the most downloads and where your audience goes to listen to your podcast. ​

Geographic Heat Map
Our map gives you a quick glance at your global popularity and audience concentration.

Social Media Stats
Connected social media accounts deliver basic performance reporting right to your Libsyn account. ​​

Day, Week, and Month Stats
The downloads per day chart can be changed to weekly or monthly ranges for quick trend analysis. ​

Episode Stats & Breakdowns
Get detailed geographic, destination, and user agent statistics specific to each episode you publish.


WordPress Libsyn Publisher Hub
Seamless, beautiful publishing plugin integration for our WordPress website friends.

Compliant RSS Feed
100% compliant RSS feed with Apple Podcasts and all other major podcast consumption platforms. ​

FTP Upload Support
Need to upload larger files, our FTP upload support makes it easy. ​

Audio, Video, PDF, and Text Posts
Libsyn can host and distribute not just audio, but also video and PDFs.

File Manager
Quick access to file details and all the assets (video, PDF, images) you publish with your episodes.​

Libsyn Directory Listing
Automatic inclusion in the Libsyn directory provides additional audience discovery opportunities. ​


Podcast Page Mini Site
The Podcast Page mini sites are the perfect branded mobile compatible listening destination. Don't have a website yet? No worries, this page is ready to be your podcast's new home. ​

Smartphone App
Apps for iOS or Android that are customized to your brand provide unique growth opportunities for established podcasters and brands ready to invest in their show.​

Custom Domain
Add a layer of branding to keep your RSS feed and podcast page unique to your show. Apply the perfect domain for your show and to the Podcast Page, we got you covered. ​

Color Swatches
Define frequently used brand colors and quickly apply them across customizable tool offerings like the Podcast Page. Color Swatches make it easy to keep your branding consistent. ​​​


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