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This is a link service. So you can create a custom link and choose what links are then displayed on that page. For podcasting this is useful because people often use different apps to listen. So you can share a single link that includes all the different podcast players one might use. You could also link your website and socials on the same page.

I tested out the free version and this is the maximum that you can create (image below). So you can manually insert links, give them a name, select an avatar and a basic color scheme but that’s it. This might be everything you need. If you want the pro version it’s a relatively inexpensive monthly fee. ($6/month)

Note: During my research I found that apparently linktree was originally created for instagram to avoid their hyperlink ban. I saw a lot of posts and videos saying not to use it for instagram.


Pro Version

Video Links 

With our PRO subscription, you can embed YouTube and Twitch videos onto your Linktree so your visitors can watch them directly from your Linktree. 

Clicks and Views analytics

The chart at the very top of your links page when you login to you linktree admin shows your Lifetime Linktree Views and if you're a PRO user, it also shows your Lifetime Clicks along with CTR (Click Through Rate) and views and clicks per day for the past 28 days. 

Leap Links

A Leap Link will send your visitors directly to one link, rather than to your Linktree profile, but it will still count the visitor in your Linktree analytics and Facebook audience integrations.

Photo thumbnails

You can add images to your link buttons to help spice up your Linktree. When adding an image, you can upload your own or choose from your Instagram images to add to you links

Email Integration 

You can add an email signup field to your Linktree, so you visitors can easily signup to your Mailchimp or Google Sheets lists in just 2 clicks. 

Priority Links 

With priority links, you can choose one of your links to draw more attention to your visitors than the rest of your links. 

Custom Fonts

You can now add your own custom font and font style as your button text to make your Linktree look extra Groovy. To select the font you want, simply head to your Settings tab in your Admin page and scroll down to 'Font Styles'. 

Add Social Icons To Your Linktree

Add your social profiles to your Linktree! This now includes WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and SoundCloud. They will be displayed as icons beneath your links. Head to your settings page and add each of your profiles in the corresponding fields under the 'Social Links' section.


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