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Patreon is a subscriber-only platform that allows creators to deliver content to paid members only. Through Patreon, fans can opt for monthly subscriptions at predetermined prices. This offers a steady income for podcasters. This also means that you do not need to rely on paid advertising to monetize your podcast. You get to decide what each tier of membership entails and release content as often as you want to patrons. 

There is also the lens feature, similar to stories, which lets you show your followers the behind-the-scenes of your creative process. You can foster a community through Patreon’s messaging and community tools. Through your creators’ page, you can track your membership analytics and payout money received for each month. 


Exclusive content 

Release exclusive content for patrons only and securely share your early access and bonus episodes with your fans.

Tier customization 

Decide what each tier of membership will cost per month and what benefits will be attached to each.

Member analytics

Get real-time analytics of your membership growth, engagement, and so on.


Receive payouts of membership fees received over the month. 


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