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Search engine optimization applied to podcasting. Podr enables you to drive organic search downloads, analyze user reviews, and research competitors. This is done by searching for a keyword’s traffic and difficulty estimate before applying it. Podr creates a difficulty score that can aid your decision on which keywords to use.

With Podr, you can determine and track your podcast rank for a keyword for any country, every day. As for your competitors, you can search for their age, ratings, episode frequency, their keyword usage across title, author, description of show & episodes, and so on.

As for podcast reviews, Podr collects show reviews from all countries every day and these  are sent to your inbox, as daily & weekly reports. These reviews are also analyzed by critical, liked, and not liked.


Keyword analysis
Podr allows for keyword analysis, creating scores for difficulty and traffic to aid decision making.

Podcast rank
Access podcast ranks for countries on a daily basis.

Competitor research
Complete competitor research by age, country, rank, and so on.

Review aggregation
Have all your podcast reviews collected and sent to you periodically.

Episode filters
What your listeners are talking about after an episode? Filter by episode to find the pulse of your audience post that episode.

Organized reviews
We analyze reviews by critical, liked, and not liked. You can start with critical to see the ones that matter most or jump on to not liked to look for any constructive words in that group.


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