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Podtrac is a platform that publishes the only industry rankings for podcasts in the United States. This includes top podcasts publishers, top podcasts by category, and a general ranking of top podcasts. Podtrac measures listenership for over 30,000 podcasts and provides podcast publishers the data they need to understand audiences. They also publish monthly and year-end podcast rankings on their website.

Podtrac has 11 years of experience and has analyzed more than 8.5 billion unique podcast downloads in that time. For podcast creators, Podtrac can offer demographic breakdowns of listeners

Podtrac Measurement works by redirecting your podcast traffic through a Podtrac server which collects and analyzes information about the download request and then sends it on to where your media file is hosted. The redirect is instantaneous and does not affect delivery of your file.

PodBean users: PodBean does not support third party measurement prefixes and, therefore, is incompatible with Podtrac.


Unique monthly audience count per show - All registered publishers with at least one podcast with more than 1,000 unique global audience members can have access to their audience count in a monthly report. 

Top Publishers Ranking - A monthly ranking of podcast publishers. Traditional U.S. Unique Monthly Audience (UMA) only counts each listener once, even if they listen to multiple podcasts and Podtrac ensures more accurate reporting. 

Top Podcasts Ranking - The number of audience members who listened to the show in the given month. Listeners care counted for each podcast listened to, unlike with the U.S. Unique Monthly Audience (UMA).

Top podcasts by category - The Top 30 shows in each of 19 iTunes categories ranked each month based on U.S. Unique Monthly Audience.

Year-end podcast rankings - A yearly report on the top podcasts.


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