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Repurpose is an automation platform that publishes content to multiple platforms at once, without the need for individual content curation.

It works by connecting your accounts such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Podcast Feed, and LinkedIn. Then, you can create an unlimited number of workflows where you decide which platform you want to publish from, what format (audio or video), and where you want to send that media to.

If the content is to be published at a later time, you can schedule it to go live whenever you want.

Audio podcasts can be converted to video before publishing. Content in all forms can be automatically converted to other formats depending on what platforms you want to post on. A single episode of a podcast can be converted to up to 27 pieces of content to be published across the internet. 


  • Convert Audio Podcasts To Videos and Publish To YouTube and Facebook
  • Create Vertical or Square Audiograms (perfect for IG, IG Stories, and IGTV)
  • Auto Publish Audio Podcast and Video Snippets To Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Upload Facebook Live Videos To YouTube
  • Auto Publish Zoom Cloud Recordings to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Automatically Send Audios or Videos (Podcasts, FB Lives, etc) for Transcription****
  • Convert Facebook Lives to an Audio Podcast on iTunes*
  • Publish Instagram and Instagram TV Videos To YouTube**
  • Publish Audio or Video from DropBox or Google Drive to any Platform
  • Send Podcasts and Facebook Lives to Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Push your Audio Podcast to SoundCloud
  • Publish Video Podcasts To YouTube
  • Distribute Your Audio Podcasts + Facebook Lives to 50 TV Networks ***


*   requires your own podcast hosting service (not offered by us)
*   direct upload only available for DropBox, Google Drive, SoundCloud or Libsyn account (get up to 2 months free with code REPURPOSE)
**  using the Instagram to Facebook crossposting option
*** requires your own Binge Network channel
**** requires a Designrr Premium or Otter Premium account


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