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Remote podcast recording with 4k video recording, screenshare, live streaming, 48k audio and listener call ins.

I tested out riverside and I have to say it has some really interesting features that it’s competitors do not.

First off they’re are the first cloud based saas I’m aware of that offers video recording… and it’s in 4k. Squadcast and Zencastr are both working on launching that feature by the end of the year.

They have the option to live stream to youtube, twitch, twitter and facebook. However that’s only enabled on their highest plan at $45/month which is a lot for a non-monetized podcast and is limited to 3 hours.

This plan also allows people to call in with a unique link. It’s not a complex feature but good for engagement and cool that they thought to add it.

One of the issues with some other services is that if your guest disconnects too quickly there can be an issue retrieving their audio. With riverside they can return to the page and it will continue uploading.

There’s a warning message not to close the browser while your file is still uploading after you finish recording. There is even a progress indicator that shows how much is left.

They are a premium service and seem to have structured their price to compete with Squadcast.

Their basic plan costs $19/month and gives you 5 hours of audio recording (you can see video but not record it). Squadcast is $1 more for the same amount.

Their middle plan costs $39/month and allows you to record 10 hours of video as well as audio (Squadcast is $45 for 12 hours of just audio).

Another bonus is their audio quality. It’s 48kHz. Only cleanfeed has a sample rate that high as far as I know.

When I tested it out everything worked properly. The video quality you see of your cohost while recording is degraded to preserve bandwidth however the uploaded file is very good quality.

And I almost forgot they allow screen sharing!


Audio Recording - 48kHz high-quality audio recording

Video Recording - Up to 4k video recording

Live Streaming - Stream your podcast live to youtube, twitch, twitter or facebook

Screenshare - Share your screen with hosts and record it

Listener Call In - Share a unique link and let listeners call in live


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