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SoundSource is a mac only audio application that gives you complete control over your audio.

I’ve been using it for a day now and I love it. This app is absolutely worth the money.

To change audio devices before I had SoundSource I used to hit cmd-spacebar to bring up spotlight, then type sound and open the controls, then adjust my audio input/output from there.

Now all my audio controls are in the top menu. I have quick control over my input/output and sound fx devices and levels, including levels for every application. I can direct any application audio to any device, for example I can playback adobe audition through my headphones and spotify through my speakers. It even lets you control the sample rate of your output.

One of the coolest things is you can apply effects to your output. It comes with a 10 band equalizer, fader and boost but it will also apply any AU effect that you have installed on your machine.

Here’s a screenshot from my machine:

soundsource sample rogue amoeba

Another great feature is the ability to show input and output levels in your menu bar. And the option for dark mode.

As you can see from the below screenshot, it’s using 277mb of memory which is pretty light compared to the 600+mb dropbox and creative cloud use while idle.

After having this app for a day there’s absolutely no going back.


Per-App Volume Control
Adjust volume levels for each of your applications, all in one place. Make one app louder or softer than others, or even mute it entirely.

Per-App Output Redirection
Control exactly where audio plays. Route music from one app to your best speakers, while everything else is heard via your Mac's built-in output.

Per-App Audio Effects
Use the built-in 10-band equalizer and support for Audio Units to sweeten the sound of individual apps.

System Audio Settings
Quickly adjust volume and input levels, balance, and even sample rate for your system's Output, Input, and Sound Effects devices.

System-Wide Audio Effects
Apply effects to sweeten the sound of all audio on your system, with the built-in 10-band equalizer and support for advanced Audio Unit plugins.

Super Volume Keys
HDMI devices, DisplayPort audio outputs, and more fail to support the volume keys found on Mac keyboards. SoundSource makes those keys work with any outputs you have.

Menu Bar Access
SoundSource lives right in your menu bar, for fast and easy access to all your essential audio controls.

Global Keyboard Access
Set a keyboard shortcut to pull SoundSource forward, so you can control the app without even clicking the menu bar.

Floating Access
Making frequent adjustments? Pin SoundSource's main window to make it float on your screen for instant access.

Magic Boost 2
The new Magic Boost 2 does even more to provide rich, full sound from even the tiniest speakers.

Compact View
SoundSource's main window is streamlined, but to truly minimize how much space it uses, the Compact view has you covered.

Menu Bar Meters
Add optional meters for your output device, input device, and/or active applications, so you can see and control audio even more easily.


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