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Soundtrap is an audio editing platform that allows you to transform spoken word into text and edit your recording as you would a text document. This significantly reduces the amount of time you would spend editing audio files.

Soundtrap also offers features for increasing discoverability. Both the audio file and the automatic transcript can be uploaded to Spotify.

If you want to host a podcast with other people, Soundtrap creates interview links that you can send to anyone so they can join your podcast remotely.



Transcription creation: Once your audio file is uploaded a transcript is automatically created, saving you hours of doing it yourself. 


Instead of editing the audio file itself, you can edit the created transcript and remove filler words or simply crop the file.  

Invite links

Should you want to invite another person on your podcast, you can generate and send them an invite link. Through this link, they can contribute to your podcast from anywhere in the world. 

Jingle creation

 Soundtrack allows you to create and add your own jingle to your audio file. 

Spotify publishing

Once you are finished editing your podcast, you can publish it directly to Spotify. This is not just for the audio file itself but also for the transcript.  


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