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Spext is an audio editing platform that simplifies the process of editing podcasts. It creates automatic transcripts of recording from which you can edit out sections, remove filler words (which are highlighted in the text) and add background music. On top of this, you can merge tracks while still having an idea of your final episode run time. 

Spext works by making use of APIs like Google and also syncs audio + transcribed text and represents silence/ music textually. Spext offers various membership prices and allows up to 4 hours a month of uploads on its free plan.


Auto transcription

After a file is uploaded to Spext, a transcript is automatically created.

File editing

Uploaded files can be edited by making changes to the transcript which automatically changes the audio recording, cutting editing time significantly. 

Filler word highlight

Filler words like ‘umm’ are highlighted in the text and the user can decide whether or not to remove them

Background music

Spext allows the addition of background music to uploaded files

File merging

Multiple files can be uploaded and merged using Spext


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