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Offers the ability to create multiple shows at the base price of $7/month. Each plan comes with dynamic ad insertion.

Spreaker also has an app and desktop software for recording, live streaming and managing your episodes

The basic version has limited stats which increase in the more expensive plans.


Manage Your Podcast In One Place
Our Content Management System (CMS) lets you look after all aspects of your podcast from one easy-to-use location. Upload and schedule episodes, manage multiple podcasts or automatically publish to social media

Monetize Your Podcast
Our unique monetization program gives you complete control over your ads while providing you with clear daily metrics via your homepage. You have the power to enable or disable mid, pre and post rolls from whenever you like. You’ll also be able to keep track of how much you’re earning via your profile.

Know Your Listeners
Statistics include: location, listening sources, most used devices, age & gender, and importantly - performance over time.

Maximize Your Audience
We promote podcasts to listeners via our carefully curated lists, plus you can neatly embed your podcast on your website and share via your social channels.

How can we help you go that extra mile in reaching new listeners? By helping you create an app specifically designed for your podcast, which lets you target your listeners in a clear, defined way. Also, you can use our player to neatly embed your podcast on your website or share via your social media channels.


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