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Podcast hosting platform that allows you to create multiple shows under the same account for no extra fee and includes detailed analytics

What I like the most about transistor is the ability to add multiple shows under the same account without paying extra. I like starting new shows but don’t want to pay a separate monthly fee for each one.

Also their pricing structure is based on downloads per month which is much better than paying for storage space in my opinion. I only want to pay extra if my show(s) are hitting a certain number of downloads. The base plan gives you 10k downloads a month. If you start hitting that number then it’s worth it to upgrade to their next tier.

Another thing I like about transistor is their analytics. While researching podcast hosting platforms I noticed that many of them only offer basic analytics in their lower priced tiers. I really dislike that pricing model. Transistor gives you full analytics at every tier.

Lastly their site is one of the most intuitive I’ve seen out of all the platforms I’ve reviewed. After researching all the podcast hosts I settled on transistor. Here’s an interview I did with one of the founders.


Multiple podcasts
Transistor allows you to host unlimited shows on the same account, for one monthly price

Multiple collaborators
Each podcast you host on Transistor can have its own team of users

Transistor doesn't charge extra for detailed analytics

Transistor can generate a website for your podcast. It automatically updates every time you add a new episode

Simple import
Just enter your current RSS feed, and we’ll import your MP3s and show notes for you


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