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Wavve creates audiograms formatted for any social media platform. Each social media platform has it’s own preferred images size. Wavve offers pre-formatted design sizes so your post will look right on instagram, twitter etc. It promotes sharing by creating more visually appealing posts.

Accepts most common audio formats. You can trim your file down and preview the video before generating.

Wavve also comes with a tool that gives you a single link to share that directs listeners to their favorite platform.


Wavve Video

  • Waveform Animations - Comes with over a dozen animations that you can use to customize your design
  • Progress Timer Animations - Add these animations to capture attention and let viewers know the video is playing.
  • Drag and Drop Design Editor - Upload your image and use the front end editor to drag and drop into your design
  • Transcription and Captions - Wavve automatically generates a transcription of your audio so you can easily add captions to your video.

Wavve Link

  • Sync your episodes - Wavve Link syncs with your podcast feed, allowing fans to view your library of episodes and listen right on the page.
  • View Listener Analytics - Track hits, sessions, page views, and unique users. All displayed within your Wavve account.
  • Connect a Custom Domain - Publish your page to any custom domain you own (

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