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Zencastr is a web-based solution for podcast production. It allows podcast producers to record their guests over the web.

In the past, if your guest could not travel to your studio, you did not have a lot of great options. Most podcasters would resort to Skype, Google Hangouts, or worse: cell phone audio. All of these options presented their own challenges.

Using a link, you can invite your guest into a Zencastr recording. There you can record, edit, post-produce, and save your audio to your cloud storage platform.


Separate Track Per Guest

Zencastr records each voice locally in pristine quality. No more dropouts due to a bad connection. No more changes in quality during the show. 

Record in Lossless WAV

Zencastr records your guests in lossless 16-bit 44.1k WAV so you get the best possible audio to work with.
Soundboard for Live Editing
Insert your intro, ad, or other audio live as you record. This saves you the time it takes to edit these in during post-production.
Built-in Voice over IP
No need to use a third-party service like Skype or Hangouts. You can voice chat with your guests directly through Zencastr.
Automatic Post-production
Generate a single mixed track with curated audio enhancements applied to turn your recording into a professional mix ready for publishing.
Cloud Drive Integration
Your recordings are delivered automatically to your Dropbox or Google Drive account for easy editing and sharing.

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