Podcasting Tutorials

Recording, importing and editing in the timeline. Then mixing, mastering for loudness and exporting.

Learn how to properly use a noise gate with Mike Russell.  He shows how to find the correct threshold using the average rms amplitude.

How to remove vocals from a song using the center channel extractor effect with vocal remove preset from the legendary Mike Russell

Sibilance can be very off putting if not controlled. Use your DAW's de-ess effect to reduce high-end harsh sounding frequencies

Learn how to even out volume levels on speech, voice overs and podcasts with normalization and speech volume leveler in audition

Getting a consistent volume level for your podcast is important. Learn how to get volume levels the same using loudness and compression.

Starting with connecting a mic to your computer and ending with audio effects such as EQ, compression, noise reduction and more.

The complete getting started guide. Learn how to use Audition for the first time. If you're a beginner this is the tutorial you should start with.