Podcasting Tutorials

Setting the LUFS (loudness units full scale) Level in REAPER for correct loudness of your podcast

Mixing and mastering in reaper. I also share a number of podcast workflow tips and tweaks that save me a lot of time in my process.

I'll show you how to create custom toolbars in Reaper. Part Two gives step-by-step instructions on how add icons to your custom toolbars.

My top 5 favorite plugins for podcasting. Plugins included ReaEQ, ReaComp, ReaFir, JS De-esser and the JS Volume Smoother.

A simple but important tutorial on how to remove background noise from your audio with Reaper's noise-reduction tool, ReaFir.

A few simple but really handy tips for editing your podcast's audio in Reaper. Import your audio, duplicate, split tracks, and ripple edit.

I'll show you the quickest way I know how to edit a voice over file in Reaper using a clicker and custom action mapped to a keystroke.

Learn how to use Reaper for audio production. We look at getting sound from your system, recording audio, recording MIDI and more.

Learn how to edit a podcast with intro/outro. Kenny teaches his fx chain and how to trigger music with a midi keyboard to make editing easier.