Podcasting Tutorials

Watch, learn, and master, using this curated selection of youtube tutorials.

Setting the LUFS (loudness units full scale) Level in REAPER for correct loudness of your podcast

Recording, importing and editing in the timeline. Then mixing, mastering for loudness and exporting.

Learn how to use Loopback combined with Cleanfeed to record high-quality audio directly into your recording software.

This is how to make your voice sound better in Audacity for gameplay commentaries, when singing, performing a voice over and more.

In this video, you'll learn how to remove unwanted background noise using Audacity.

In this video, you'll learn how to record, edit, and export a podcast episode using Audacity

Learn how to properly use a noise gate with Mike Russell.  He shows how to find the correct threshold using the average rms amplitude.

Dramatically improve your audio by recording in a space that's treated for sound. All the tools, materials & instructions needed.

How to Create an Audio Spectrum and Visualizer in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects for more engaging social media content

Mixing and mastering in reaper. I also share a number of podcast workflow tips and tweaks that save me a lot of time in my process.

Using Sidechain Compression in OBS to mix vocals and game audio, how I process my podcast and how I record acoustic guitar for my reviews

How to remove vocals from a song using the center channel extractor effect with vocal remove preset from the legendary Mike Russell

Sibilance can be very off putting if not controlled. Use your DAW's de-ess effect to reduce high-end harsh sounding frequencies

Free and easy way to create your podcast cover art. We'll use unsplash for free stock images and photopea to add text.

How to make your own seamless 24x48" Rockwool acoustic panels for your home recording studio costing less than $20 per panel.

This video explains how to record desktop audio from an Apple computer using the OBS Studio software without using a paid app.

You can do quite a bit to improve voice over in premiere pro. Learn how using the essential sound panel with Mike Russell

Learn how to even out volume levels on speech, voice overs and podcasts with normalization and speech volume leveler in audition

I'll show you how to create custom toolbars in Reaper. Part Two gives step-by-step instructions on how add icons to your custom toolbars.

How to mix your podcast in GarageBand. My plugin choice and settings to turn my raw voice into a more broadcast-ready audio file

Podcasting is more than just hitting record. Discover how using a simple structure can grab the attention, engagement, and trust of an audience.

Learn how to process vocals for your podcast from an award winning sound designer. (Noise Reduction, Compression, EQ & Limiting)

My top 5 favorite plugins for podcasting. Plugins included ReaEQ, ReaComp, ReaFir, JS De-esser and the JS Volume Smoother.

EQ tutorial designed to quickly and easily enable viewers to understand the 5 basics ranges of EQ for voice over by seeing real time changes

A simple but important tutorial on how to remove background noise from your audio with Reaper's noise-reduction tool, ReaFir.

A few simple but really handy tips for editing your podcast's audio in Reaper. Import your audio, duplicate, split tracks, and ripple edit.

Learn how to utilize proper mic technique to get the best quality and to avoid a lot of destructive mixing in post-production.

We walk you through a simple and inexpensive way to build great looking DIY acoustic panels. The materials cost only $25 per panel.

This video shows you how to convert a stereo track to dual mono tracks in Audacity. A great tip for podcasters and other audio enthusiasts.

I'll show you the quickest way I know how to edit a voice over file in Reaper using a clicker and custom action mapped to a keystroke.

Control the three primary parameters: amplitude, center frequency and bandwidth. Learn how each parameter affects the sound. 

Learn how to use Reaper for audio production. We look at getting sound from your system, recording audio, recording MIDI and more.

Getting a consistent volume level for your podcast is important. Learn how to get volume levels the same using loudness and compression.

Starting with connecting a mic to your computer and ending with audio effects such as EQ, compression, noise reduction and more.

Learn everything you need to know about editing, including organization, sound design, cross-fading, looping, and fixing clicks. 

I'll teach you how to record and edit a podcast so that you can create a professional sounding episode. Built for mac computers.

Learn how to edit a podcast with intro/outro. Kenny teaches his fx chain and how to trigger music with a midi keyboard to make editing easier.

Compression reduces the dynamic range of your audio recordings, making the loud parts softer and leaving the soft parts alone.

Deep dive into the EQ effect. Including tips on how to make your voice sound deeper, remove background noise and more.

The complete getting started guide. Learn how to use Audition for the first time. If you're a beginner this is the tutorial you should start with.